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Whether you are looking to have a polygraph test administered or are you are  an agency looking to get an eye detect lie detector instrument for your office…………Welcome to Assured Polygraph LLC & Consulting.  We have been administering polygraph exams throughout Minnesota for attorneys, law enforcement, private investigations, clinical treatment monitoring for sex offenders,and the general public as we specialize in private infidelity cases, sex issues, masturbation and porn addiction, child molesting allegations and individuals looking to find out the truth when the truth really matters .  Our examiners are highly trained, polygraph experts that are professionally certified.  We also provide instruments and licenses to agencies in Minnesota looking to administer exams in their own department.  Those individuals should call for consult and quote.   612-501-0031

No switch boards or being  handed off to someone else, you always talk directly to an examiner when you call. Our examiners answer and return calls before, between and after exams, evenings and weekends including some holidays. If our potential client has a question, we want them to get an answer.

Assured Polygraph Offers:


  • Sales and licenses for Eye Detect lie detector through Converus.
  • Professionally Certified Examiners
  • Statewide Services Available
  • Up to 98% accuracy
  • Hurting relationship testing/infidelity   $250.00 Cognitive eye detect lie detector                                                                                              $350.00 Physiological traditional polygraph


Want to read up on how to truly tell if someone is running around on you?

Read  HOW TO TELL IF YOUR LOVER IS CHEATING ON YOU, inside the mind of an infidelity polygraph examiner. Real case facts from real cases with clients that received advice from ex  law enforcement and private investigators.

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Currently our rate is $250.00 to $350.00 for infidelity cases when conducted at our New Prague office depending on they type of exam you prefer or if you would like a polygraph quote for your situation or location, call us today at (612) 501-0031.  Don’t have time to call us?  No worries!

Got questions?  We have answers!  Our most frequently asked questions are viewable HERE.

What is a polygraph?

A polygraph is often called a lie detector test or lie detector exam.  A (traditional) polygraph or lie detector is an instrument that measures and records physiological responses within your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Specifically looking for a chain of events that happen within said system when ones conscious mind speaks what their unconscious mind knows not to be true creating changes within the human body such as pulse rate, breathing rhythms, skin conductivity, etc. A cognitive or (Eye detect)  lie detector goes directly after the cognitive response. Either way A subject is asked a series of questions and based on their responses, regular and irregular activity is recorded on the polygraph or lie detector.  The result is a measurement of truthful and deceptive responses to the questions asked.  Although no polygraph is  “fool proof” our polygraph processes can produce up to 98% accuracy.  Polygraphs the most effective instruments available to asses ones credibility.

Common Areas of Service for this examiner are as follows

  • Specializing  in Adultery / Cheating / Infidelity
  • Specializing in sex related offences/PCSOT
  • Masturbation and pornography addiction
  • Child molesting allegations
  • Criminal/ Civil
  • Fraud/ Theft
  • Private Disputes
  • Teen/Adult Drug Issues
  • Insurance fraud and Claims
  • Contest misconduct/cheating

 If you need services we do not offer, you’ve still come to the right place.  Assured Polygraph only refers the best of the best.

We have worked with a variety of related services through out the years, and time and time again we have had outstanding performances from attorneys, private investigators, and counselors/therapists.  If you need a trust worthy referral, just ask us.

Our main polygraph testing location is New Prague.  However, we are available to work statewide.

Minneapolis  –  St Paul  –  New Prague   –  Plymouth  –  Duluth  –  Mankato  –  Forest Lake  –  Moose Lake -Rochester  –  Burnsville

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