Credentials / Who are we?

Assured Polygraph LLC & Consulting

We A Christian based Minnesota company, specializing in administering Polygraph Exams in adultery, infidelity/cheating and other sex related issues. We also supply agencies with Eye detect lie detector instruments and licenses and training so they can administer their own exams.

Assured Polygraph  also provides pre & post exam services, review of charts from other exams for quality control, and possible question examples on your pending exam with a different examiner.

Cost of a typical traditional private polygraph exam  for the general public is around $350.00 -400, depending on location and format of test needed. If you and your situation is a good fit for eye detect lie detection, the fee is $250.00 at the New Prague office. If you are only looking to consult with us on an exam you are going to take for someone else or an exam you have already taken, charges start at $50.00

Law Enforcement, Attorneys, Investigators and Therapists have a negotiated rate for polygraph exams.

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Credentials / Education              Expert Examiner Mike Delbow , Shakopee, MN 

  • Mankato PT Peace Officers School Grad.
  • Maryland Institute of Criminal Justice Grad.
  • Member APA.  (American polygraph association).
  • Member NPA.  (National polygraph association).
  • Member ASTM.  (American standards of testing and measures).
  • Founding VICE PRESIDENT of the MNPA (Minnesota Polygraph Association). 
  • Retired Scott County Sheriff’s Department (RSV).
  • PCSOT Post Convicted Sex Offender Testing certified. 
  • PCSOT APA certified.
  • Helped write the bylaws for Minnesota Polygraph Association.
  • Translator usage exp.
  • Tested at many different agencies including county courthouses and the US Attorney’s office at the Federal Court House.
  • Federal custody prisoner testing experience.
  • Experienced interviewer/interrogator with advanced training.
  • Author of  publications available world wide pertaining to deception.
  • Mr Delbow had been the first examiner in Minnesota to partner with Converus to administer and provide instruments, licenses and training to Minnesota agencies with Eye Detect lie detector technology.
  • Other things to note about this examiner, he has been a use of force/defensive tactics instructor, fire arms safety instructor, NRA pistol instructor, and MN permit to carry instructor adding extensive knowledge to cases involving use of force and or weapons and fire arms.

Assured Polygraph Examiners are not mandated reporters.  All admissions and inquiries are strictly confidential.

Note: All licensed Police Officers and Therapists ARE mandated reporters.  Make sure you ask your polygraph examiner if they are a mandated reporter before you trust them with your confidence.

What is a typical polygraph / lie detector exam used for?

    • Post Convicted Sex Offender
    • Infidelity / Cheating / Adultery/ Hurting relationships
    • Divorce Issues
    • Child molesting allegations
    • Masturbation and pornography addiction.
    • Incest Detection
    • Spousal Abuse
    • Sex Abuse
    • Rape Allegations
    • Homicide Allegations
    • Fraud Investigation
    • Alcohol Abuse
    • Arson
    • Assault / Battery
    • Theft / Robbery
    • Narcotics / Teen /adult  Drug Issues
    • Criminal & Civil Disputes
    • Stalking
    • Contest misconduct/cheating

    This list is only an example of situations commonly requiring the use of a polygraph. If you have a unique situation you are not sure a polygraph would be useful for, call us. Let the professionals at Assured Polygraph help you determine what is best for your situation.

    We prefer not to polygraph pregnant females and children under the age of 13 unless special circumstances exist, and any employee/employer related issues. (Statute 181.75) Unless the employee is getting tested on their own with no connection to a employer request.