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Hello, my name is Mike Delbow.  I am a polygraph examiner who has dealt with a wide variety of cheating/infidelity cases throughout my career as a psycho forensic physiologist specializing in infidelity and sex related offences administering polygraph exams for some of the most interesting cheating cases one could almost only dream of.

The lengths people will go to when they think they have been betrayed by their lover at times can be just like in the movies.

In this book I will explain my views and real case facts that could possibly not only teach you how to tell if your lover is cheating on you, but I will also explain my views of what I learn during interviews and interrogations of why people, when broke down, claim they decided to start cheating to begin with.  Often this conduct can be dealt with ahead of time if the persons involved know there relationship is in trouble and take the steps to correct it.  I will warn you right now, this book is packed full of ‘in your face reality’ with no filler information to stretch the book out like many authors may do.  Some of the information you read may take you to places many people would rather not have gone. This book will challenge your devious side, pushing you to areas investigators and police would not want you to go.  And above all, it will leave you thinking, “How could I have been so blind?”  But will have you walk away with the confidence that no one hides relationships from you and keeps it a secret.

I’m not going to try to impress you with fancy scientific words you will never understand or have to look up in a dictionary to find its meaning.  I have purposely written this book in words we can all relate to and understand, as many of my clients are also young adults and people of all walks of life and education levels.  I’m not some old bald professor wearing a long white lab coat. I’m a specially trained middle aged expert on infidelity that has had the luxury of having in depth experience in one of the most intense, mentally challenging, careers not just any one is capable of mastering. My expertise is straight from the heart of the most intense infidelity investigations involving nationally known investigators. The stories and actions of people during this troubling time in their lives bring them to intense extremes to seek the truth.  My knowledge comes from advanced training and real case experience and I am willing to go out on a limb to share it with those in need even though people in related fields would prefer that I don’t, due to the fact that they feel some things are better off not being known by the general public.

The case facts may be altered as well as references to names or sex of clients to protect the identity of such clients that have given me their permission to reveal such information.  Case facts given should be considered examples of what is being explained to you.  I do not in any way either directly or indirectly approve, indorse, or suggest that anyone try to copy the actions of these clients as their actions may violate the law.  Furthermore, by purchasing this down load you agree to hold the author, his company and/or publisher and anyone else involved in this publication 100% harmless of any actions or incidents or liabilities resulting from the information placed in this publication.  I will talk briefly about how polygraph relates to infidelity and then jump into why lovers cheat to begin with, then on to tracking and detection.  And there will be some information about polygraph services and how to get referrals for other examiners and investigators or counselors at the end, if you choose to review it.

The main objective of this book is to address the fact that every cheater will leave a trail behind. All you have to do is recognize it and act on it, if you choose to.

If you want to learn more, close this window and purchase the book.  You’ll be glad you did!