Reader Testimonials

 The following testimonials are from clients that have read our latest book:

Jody from Minnesota writes,
Wow, I can’t believe I couldn’t see this happening.   

Thank you.

Michael from Wisconsin writes,
Hi Mike, my name is also Mike, I have been battling this gut feeling that my wife
Karen has been cheating on me and I just don’t have a lot of options for anyone to
help me out.  I think I would be considered middle class but I don’t have a lot of
extra money to utilize a PI.  I almost couldn’t believe the extremes some of your
clients have gone too, when I originally read your book.  But after careful reading
and allowing my-self to think ahead and look for it, they are so right on that I
can’t believe I’ve been missing this.  Can we come to Minnesota for a polygraph?

David from Minnesota writes,
The stories took me out of my comfort zone to think people will go to such extremes,
I guess sometimes you just got to know the truth even if it hurts.
Thanks Mike


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